So I thought there would

So I thought there would be a Bible Study tonight and since I was finally able to go after a month of not being free, I showed up… And consequently realized that there was a Siberia meeting goingg on instead. Of all the weeks… No Bible Study and I’m not going on the trip… *sigh* So I just walked around the hall for a bit, watching the junior high kids come in and go out into the snow where they were sledding (we have nice hills on our property). I decided to be one of the crowd (yeah, a whole 4 years older than them and I want to be cool? Heck yeah) so I donned a nametag.
“Hello, my name is: BOB” which is what my nametags usually read. Yes, I am Bob. I’ll even sign autographs.
So now I’m home, bored, and all movied out. I watched Clue and Mission Impossible II and Terminator II today (all of the latter, most of the first two). I think I’ve become a DVD potato and that’s not a happy life. I just told Jason (of EV*ANGEL) that I wish I had the discovery channel and the biography channel on my tv and I’d be in permanent Heaven. I meant it. Local TV is ok, since it has all the major networks, but still. I need brain food and PBS doesn’t always do it for me (sorry “viewers like you”). I also miss Bill Nye and Reading Rainbow, now that I think of it *laugh*.