{this had freakin better work

{this had freakin better work or Blogger and I will have words!}
I love myself today. Not like I had an extremely cute day or anything, but I feel just plain good. I got to talk for a half an hour to laura mainly about myself. That really doesn’t happen often anymore so I used it well *laugh*.
I have decided that I enjoy spandex for the first time. Eeek! Not 80’s freakish spandex poo, but the saucy kind that feels heavy in your hands and it’s really stretchy and kinda shines… yep. That’s my long sleeved black shirt. Sexpot that I am, right? har har.

I’m kind of hungry now that I think of it. I’m thinking… where’s the darn milk? I’m considering that low carb diet again. Curse it all, it made me feel great last time save my withdrawl from sugar and bread. Oy, Carbohydrates, you make my teeth clench.

I’m having a normal discussion with “oldman”. This time it concerns our hair. He got a haircut today (which I’m sure makes you all joyous because you care about oldman’s hair so much) and he doesn’t really like it much. He has dry hair. I have oily hair. Having oily hair picks my bones. I hate it. He washes his hair every three days and can get away with it and I have to do it every darn morning or I look like I dumped Canola on my skull. Canola is poo. Juice showers every day. How was the show. Did they like you yada yada… See, typical conversation.

Oh I am so thrilled to finally be getting my writing organized! Score one for Jules. Keep an eye out for DULLBOYJACK.COM to be showing up any day now. Well, as soon as it gets fully transfered to a NEW registrar. Goodness, I love that domain name. I knew I couldn’t sell that mad love. I’ve finished the ‘Sheila, Hasta, Labour, and Ficts’ sections. Now onto ‘Poe, Ramble, and Pixel’…

I just found some warm orange juice I forgot was next to the keyboard. I’m the smartest person I know.