“B-b-b-b baby you just ain’t

“B-b-b-b baby you just ain’t seen n-n-n nothin yet”
Sunday School was ok this morning. It was nice being back there. I went out for bagels with Joh H. and Matt (his lil bro) H. and then chilled with John at his house for an hour and a half or so. It was nice to catch up on life with him even though I think I talked more than he did. Ugh, he doesn’t get my life but he’s so good at making me feel supported. Man is Kelly a lucky chick to have him literally swooning after her. I’ve GOT to get Arty fixed this week! The Bible quiz is this Saturday at Knox! He’s gotta have it. Well, I’ll do it tuesday when I don’t work. I’m getting my hair cut tomorrow after *gasp, hack, choke* school. So with work and all, well… It’s tuesday or never. I have such an easy work schedule. Monday, Friday, Saturday. That’s about 17 hours. SCORE! I can’t remember having that few hours. It’s all about shortening the whole department’s hours. It’s a slow season until next month when all the spring gunk gets shipped in.

I’ve gotta start that high protein diet again. My goal is to do it at least until spring break. Yea. Gotta have energy for Florida with the TP folks.
I’ve got small group tonight. Lori should be ringing me with directions soon enough.
I know I had some form of homework to do this break. I don’t know what it was and I didn’t touch it. I’ll try it tonight. har har.