So God put me to

So God put me to sleep last night (literally. I have never felt so tired on a Friday night before) and woke me up this morning. He nudged me awake without any outside help at 11:20AM, just in time to go see the quiz. Speaking of which:

DETROIT BIBLE QUIZZING has come to Knox Presbyterian for the monthly quiz of January! They memorized and are quizzing on Luke: 8, 9, and 10. My prediction for the top quizzers is Dave Pedersen and John Hile. those are my boys! I have to be one of their biggest fans. Anywho, I was just there but had to come home before work. I saw 3 quizzes and missed two I wanted to see because a woman’s gotta eat sometime! A ton of good people came in from PIONEERS FOR CHRIST to watch and cheer the boys on (especially Johnny Hile because hey, he is PFC). It was so much fun! There’s so much to learn from these kids memorizing the Word and using it in their lives. I tried quizzing once. I failed. Ick on that eh? hehe. I’m a better fan hands down! Yeah I should’ve had poms. Shewt….

Well now I work! Isn’t life grand on a Saturday?
by the by… both e-mails work now. I’m sure some of you have seen the fruits of at least one. So uh…. keep E-MAILING me