Great, now I’ve gone and

Great, now I’ve gone and done it!
I found and will be buying a suit. It’s stylish, it’s clean, it’s navy, and it’s professional. I’m so ready for DECA.
Oh yes, and don’t forget I bought myself a ticket to palm tree heaven for February 24th through March 1st. I’m so excited! This is getting a lot easier to do as my parents get more conditioned to my strange long-distance lifestyle. As more wonderful people come to visit, I get to go see more and more wonderful people elsewhere. Very nice trade-off. Hooray for planes!
Y A Y ! I finally finished the poetry section of dullboyjack! You might not be jumping for joy, but things like that really make me feel as if I’m doing something meaningful. Speaking of meaningful things to do, I’m going to be taught how to cook from a man. Yes, ladies and gents, a real one. And no Stephen, I won’t be seeing any aprons *s*.

If you ever wondered about 10-10 PHONE RATES, today’s your lucky day! I use 10-10-811. FYI…