Well this is starting to

Well this is starting to intrigue me… I keep getting up on time. Not like this should be a great shock but to me, the ultimate consumer of sleep when it’s not supposed to be gotten, it certainly feels shocking. Oh, I’m thrilled by it! Trust me. I wouldn’t have it any other way… But I’m not a very reliable individual with sleep. Things may be looking up. You never know.

Well I certainly wasn’t home yesterday. I was gone from 8:00am until 2:00am this morning. Doing what? Normal Julia activities. I went to school, got together with Jenn at her pad until we had to change and leave for our (last ever!) Winter Sing choir concert. The concert went well and it thrilled me to be singing up there again! I will miss those. Perhaps I can come back as an alumni next year. That would definately be cool. I’ve already got a lot of the underclassmen asking me to so they can see me next winter. They’re so sweet to me! Well afterwords I pounced on some lovely graduates that I have missed like crazy ever since they left and met up with Laura who came! Good things there. We went to Chilis and man, good food. I’ve decided I am a fry addict. I crave a good fry. I adore it. It makes me smile. It makes my tummy grin. Anyway, we also rented One Fine Day and sat at her house watching that until a quarter to 2 am.
See? Normal Julia activities.

Oh this is cheap. CHOOSELIFE.COM is a free e-mail service set up by some…Flairmail or something. Well that will do something for the community! I mean really, when people need encouragement not to have an abortion, they can go get an e-mail adress for free.