Dad’s Testimony

I almost cried today at church when Pastor Mike announced my dad before he got up to speak… My father, Dr. David K., gave a wonderful 20 minute testimony on his life lately and how God has shown him peace and comfort. I love hearing my dad speak. He’s so quietly imposing that you know you have to hear him out. Some people think they have to prove apoint while talking, as if they were in a fight. Not my dad… He remained calm and smooth all through his moving talk to all of us. He’s always been this cool, I just thought nobody else would get a chance to see it.
I seem to be sheltered from the harshness of his cancer. for instance: I had no idea that he has tumors on ever one of his vertebra. That sounds a bit more serious than whatever else I heard before. Also, he is into stage 4 of breast cancer growth. After he told everyone, I found this out. Funny. Well…no, I just feel a bit left out and sheltered. I did however know about my dad’s liver tumors. Thankfully he is feeling and looking much better! I am praying this is a sign of some recovery. This cancer is most likely his death sentence and look at his smile, his walk, his hugs… My father is a man of God and nothing stands in his way of His glory. I love my father unconditionally and without fear.

“Tears are like rain. They loosen up our soil so we can grow in different directions.” -Unknown

Such is life.