Well God got me home

Well God got me home tonight! I was at small group over in Saline (town next to ‘Ace Deuce’) where practically my entire small group lives. We watched Left Behind and I really enjoyed it because hey, I’ve read all of the books! I was very much past the E mark on my gas gage and if you know anything about trucks yoou know that they might as well be fat because they gobble up so much gasoline in a short period of time. So I was literally putting along when I came to the only gas station on the way to Saline and back… Oh yeah! And it was closed! So I am worrying about the extremely low gas level, the extremely low air in my right back tire… And I barely made it to the Meijer gas station (praying and talking to God and the big truck the whole way). Woohoo! Talk about joy. Well all that’s left now is pumping up my tire. I just wanted to get home.
And of all things, my Aunt Rose just called and asked my mom to come pick her up at the Arbor Hospice (quite nearby the Meijer gas station!) where she has just run out of gas! She was visiting a friend they have in care over there. Well, go figure. It’s bad gas night!