For all of you men

For all of you men still totally clueless as to what a woman likes, let me share with you something small. Usually when a woman says in a low deep sexual voice “Let me go slip into something more comfortable…”… It’s a lie. Lingerie is never more comfortable than a good old pair of green scrubs or the jeans she just had on. Trust me. She doesn’t go “slip into something more comfortable” every night after a grueling day of hard work. She “SISMC” when you’re around and she thinks you might be less comfortable after seeing her “SISMC”. “Slipping into something more comfortable” has always held an ambiance with it that carries well into the assumptions of men. This powerful statement, which as we have now learned is a vicious lie, is enough to get any of the male species either stripping down or on a hot run out the door screaming bloody murder. Women show you lace-nasty things simply because she wants to be able to take it off again within the next 20 minutes. Those “outfits” are not to be worn outside the house much less outside the bedroom. Women in general are embarassed to buy “outfits” like that anywhere but Victoria’s Secret.
So be aware, males: When a woman says she’s going to “SISMC”, do not be fooled! She just really really really likes you and is willing to be out of her mind in discomfort for your eyes only.