I have a bruise. Where,

I have a bruise. Where, you ask? My left bum cheek. Yup. I dicovered a brand new form of pain. You’d never think about how often you use your butt cheeks. They’re not all fat either. You’ve got your glutius maxiumus back there that pumps some serious leg iron. I am feeling serious bum pain. I’m just that “trip on the ice of your own driveway” kinda girl. I’m glad Stephen didn’t see me fall again *lol*. I am a nerd.

Well my hardest final was this morning. That went alright…I hope!
Tomorrow I need God to wake me up again. He’s doing such a good job so far! Mad props to the one who invented sleep. I have my marketing final and it shouldn’t be hard at all! Well, here’s hoping. I am retaking the choir final at 7:40am and taking the marketing final at 8:00am. I’ll be home by 10! WOOHOO! and no work… I’ll be in a piece of Heaven.
Enjoy your [insert period of day here]!