OK I think Blogger got

OK I think Blogger got its refill of viagra so now I can post on this thing. I won’t explain what problems I was having. It’s all techincal jargon nobody cares about.
I am trying to remember what happened yesterday that I wanted to mention…uh….I guess it wasn’t THAT important? Perhaps not. Don’t you hate these blank moments when the world becomes a figment of your imagination? What is memory? Why do we desire to remember our past?

As you can tell I just got my Philosophy books today and have been reading them already. Sophie’s World and Does the Center Hold? are our required reading. Well, I had it in my head that this was going to be the only year I would get out of having to do required reading. Hell no. Now I’ve got hundreds of pages about Philosophy cranking my brain. And don’t let the fiction facade of Sophie’s World fool you. It’s a text book with a little “when she reached the den, she knew she was safe to read the letters and think about her existence on earth” stuck in the middle. It’s huge too! Grief… my brain already hurts from thinking and I’m on chapter three. Oy…
I need caffeine…