You know those moments when

You know those moments when nothing could be wrong in life? When the fact that you might feel as sick as you possibly could, or you’re depressed after watching a teary movie, or even if you’re all alone, something comes along to make it all wash away? How lovely are those times…

Today I have been blessed with the most amazing moment of all. Let me share it with you.


A single raindrop – fell from the ashen sky
onto her face, and slid down, like a tear.
But there were no tears in those eyes –
Only memories of us.
It seemed like our whole lives had been like this,
us, together, natural highs off stupid plays on words.
It’s all gone by so quick.
“I still remember” I told her – “study time for Chemistry.”
My futon, our homework central –
unless we felt like coffee that day,
then all plans are off, sorry futon,
move to the nearest coffee shop.
“And I remember” she said
“Old Navy shopping trips.”
15 visits to the dressing rooms.
Clothes flying through the air between adjacent dressing rooms –
(“let me try that top, it’s so cute!”)
$200 payments on matching credit cards
for what turned out more often than not to be matching outfits.
“Identical friends” we chorus.
Giggles, then tears finally come to those eyes,
mixing with the now steady rain,
pounding down on us and my car.
My car that we’ve taken all over town on pointless drives for hours on end.
My car that we’ve sat outside her house and wasted gallons of gas for heat while we
could be talking inside.
My car that’s now packed with all my belongings for the next 4 months.
And we stand there, in the rain,
not wanting to add this as just another memory.
Wishing it could be something meaningful.
Searching for something to say to make it all ok.
We’re getting soaked and don’t want a good-bye, which only leaves . . .
“Remember to write…”
and I jump in my car, out of the rain, away from the hurt of leaving her.
Boxed in my own world, new things, new people.
7 hours ahead to drive. And all I can think is
“I’ll remember….I’ll remember.”

Thank you Jenn-fer! I’ll always remember.