mistaken attendance

The point of me getting up this morning was what now?

Directly after posting the previous…post I slid down to my car on my shoes aka skates for this morning and headed off towards school to hopefully go to my last three hours of school. Upon arrival I discovered my error. Today, not next thursday, was a half day! I got to school after it had ended! Good grief. So I took the time allotted to me and trucked my butt to the gas station and also over to McDonalds to procure for myself a ham and cheese bagel or two and some orange juice. They’re having problems with their toasting process I think. The bagels came out quite black on the very edges… Not very appetizing but since I’m about to reach the point of starvation, I will eat them no matter what carnage they have gone through. However let it be noted they will not “love to see me smile” anytime soon.