“Woooah sweet child of mine!

“Woooah sweet child of mine!
Woah oh oh oh sweet love of mine”
– G’n’R’s only ballad.

Well everything’s almost done with this site! I finished the “me” and “?” sections just now so those should show up.
The new url for this site is : http://400k.net/blogger. You may need to hit reload if it doesn’t show those cute little kids. If you have it bokmarked at the old url, it really won’t work. Be sure to change them!
Hmm, what else… Dijon Ketchup! no… That wasn’t it. the sun is shining, the snow is doing a striptease and showing the grass underneath for the first time in 2 complete months. It makes me more happy than you know just to be driving down the street singing at the top of my lungs to Life is a Highway and Shoop. Nothing frees me like driving does. I should do my homework now so I can go on a little trip later on before small group. I do have a lot of homework to do, that’s for sure. One thing I despise is make-up work. I’ll get over it!