Oh what a beautiful mooooorning.

Oh what a beautiful mooooorning. Oh what a beautiful daaaaay.
Yeah I’m going all out Okie now! ha.
Well I finished packing everything save a sleeping bag and blanket. Otherwise I predict the stage of “ok, I’m ready to go now” setting in very soon. For those of you who just don’t understand, I’m leaving to go to Spring Hill with my youth group today! Sweet, I can’t wait to get up there! Every year it’s more odd or unique than the last. Last year was not very exciting spiritually for me but I certainly had a lot of fun. I hope this year is more amazing and our group, as large as it is, can feel unified. We’re taking 120 people! Trust me, that’s not just large, it’s enormous especially for this camp’s winter retreat. We set the goal and made it once again! Last year we took 60 I think. It was a big jump to decide to double our goal, but hey, God is good! I pray he’ll use this week to change lives and hearts and inspire us all.
All that fuzzy stuff that goes along with Spring Hill…for the last time… I’m graduating this spring and so this year is my very last as a student. Maybe one day I’ll come back on staff! That’d kick butt.

Ooh somebody has a CRUSH on me… I think everyone should have a crush on me just so we could all have crushes on each other. *bats eyelashes* If you get a “CrushLink” from someone it might be me! hehe. That’s because I love you. rail@rainsoul.com is my crush e-mail if you wanna love on me.

See y’all on Sunday or whenever I see you.

Note: Bye Bye BROOKE