Well the retreat is over.

Well the retreat is over. It’s gone. I feel as if I could have gotten more out of it. Something pulls me towards disappointment, but for some reason I feel useful for going even if it wasn’t all about me. I started to observe others in my silence and found out that God works in everyone somehow. He talked to each one of us in some soft fashion or another. He was good. He blessed those in the ways they needed to be blessed. I can’t go away without knowing he blessed me. How, now that is something I must observe of myself. There is so much knowledge I gained. Small things really… Like what “beloved” means to me in relationship to God. How sin isn’t just going against the rules. It’s hurting ourselves and that hurts God. Ever think about it that way? Amazing… It’s like I knew it all before but the smallest points have stuck with me in a new way. In that way, I am very thankful I went to Spring Hill for this last year.
I had a lot of fun! We won the Blunder Bowl which is like the “ultimate loser” competition. It was so freaking cold and that is no small statement. It was cold enough to make anyone cry from the sting of the wind. We actually had snow too though! Way cool for the tubing hill and broomball itself. The game was played with fellows and ladies tripping, sliding, and falling all over each other and their little “broom” sticks. The passion was high and the band FishersNet was great! I did not expect them to be as thrilling as they were. Fabulous men too. I got to talk for 10 minutes or so with the drummer Jeff. He answered all of my questions about them and I put in a little word for EV*ANGEL *coughgocheckthemoutcough*. He was so sweet and asked me about my schooling, what I want to study (his fiancee is a marketing major. very cool), where I’m from, all the small talk. I was very thrilled to see them as human beings instead of just people on a stage. That’s what being a Christian band is all about isn’t it? Being real?

Well perhaps more would be in order if I had the energy and time to tell you face to face, but since that is pretty impossible, there you go. hehe. I enjoyed myself. It was hard at times but all in all, I am so glad I had the chance to be one of the (whopping) 127 people from Knox there.