[creative license with the dialect]

[creative license with the dialect]
Some black guy came up next to me all of a sudden in the lunch line today and said
“Hey baby can I be next to you?”
I said “You can be wherever you want.” And I gave him the colder part of my shoulder.
“Why you dissin me like dat? You don’t want me near you? I wanna be by you, girl!”
“Uhm, no. I’m not dissin you.”
“Well fine be like dat baby. You know you coulda had me next to you…” And he slides back one place in the line.

Talk about odd. I felt confused. Two minutes later I realized I could have said something to the line of:
“What’s your name?”
“OK, what do you believe in?”
“What? Whatchu talkin bout?”
BAM he woulda tripped out!