Love: Boston Market Hate: Being

Love: Boston Market

Hate: Being so stuffed

Fear: My thumb going green. And the fact that I don’t know if I’ll walk ever again *melodrama*

Have to: Pack! Ahh!

Crave: No food

Feel: In pain once again. Guess who shouldn’t be squatting.

Want: Jenn to shut up!!! ARG!!!

Can’t: STAND JENN! lol

Should: Love on Jenn. She’s going to beat me up otherwise.

Will: Be packing until late tonight.

Am wearing: Sexpot paraphanalia. Uhm. I’m wearing a grey jacket, Jenn on my shoulder, blue jeans, and socks that don’t match. Jenn wants me to tell you all I’m actually wearing a bra! Praise the Lord. Least it isn’t a Bro.

Listening to: myself hiccup and burp and laugh all at once. So help me God…