Well I’ve been in “Northern

Well I’ve been in “Northern Cuba” *smirks* for a few days now. My flight was hilarious. I sat next to one of those “real” dads who says f*ck and tells strangers jokes during flights…Yeah he was nice. His wife was completely cute. Even when we were picking up our luggage we talked a bit: small talk as any strangers would do. They were sweet to the girl all alone.

Jason and I seem to be very good “hangers”. He’s not acting like some of my normal good guy friends who I can curl up with during freaky movies (we’ll see Hannibal tomorrow. eek!) and just horse around with. He’s acting kind of stand-offish which doesn’t really bother me. I admit, I’m not used to it, but it doesn’t make me feel weird. At most, I get bored because I’m just tired. I am enjoying my stay here. I’m not deprived of my internet *hugs the computer* and not even of my parents. They’re down here in Florida as well, only in Tampa while I’m 45 minutes away with Jay’s family. We had dinner tonight at the Olive Garden (yummm) and I had the infamous Chicken Parmasean (eek spelling), a meal on which I have gotten food poisoning from before *mental nudge to Phen*. Thankfully I think this stuff might be ok! Oh goodness I hope so. Jason has come down with a cold, and I don’t want that. I would hate to be sick as well. I’m hoping God heals him soon.

Oh my goodness do I love Florida in February! The weather is perfect and I haven’t benn able to walk around in short sleeves since early September! I feel out of this world. It’s enchanting. I want to smack on the flip flops and take a nice long stroll in his neighborhood and just enjoy the night. I still can’t believe it’s not below 50 degrees here at any time. Detroit has ice, I have sunshine… I am blessed. I love the south! Though I can’t truly call FL the “south”. Any one of those GA men can tell you that. ha. They should be here. Then they can tell me to my face… Well I’d just like to see them, that’s all.

We shall see.
Adios adonde mi cuba norte. I hope that’s correct