Well guess who got to

Well guess who got to hear EV*ANGEL play? Oh yes, that’d be me! Taylor from Scarecrow&Tinmen was also there because Jarret, Ev’s bass player won’t be there for the next show. That’s March 9th for all of you in Lakeland! Gogogo. Gogo boots in fact.

Of all of Ev*Angel, I think Tom and I could be the better friends. Perhaps since he’s married and has a child, he can relate to women better but he’s the one I got the most eye contact with and he is the one who cared about how I felt the entire time. I always appreciate that. They’re all good guys.

Taylor’s from Alabama and so we chatted a bit about how he isn’t southern enough and how he definately didn’t make the cut. He has no accent and trust me, southern men need accents. I’m not sorry to say I sound Floridian (whatever that is) right now. I’m sure I’ll be Michigander again soon. In fact, Thursday. Wow. So soon… I suppose it’s not like I need to stay though. If I did I’d drive Jay crazymad.
Anyone know of anything to do in Florida? I need ideas desperately. I need an epiphany. Come on guys, in my sleep even! Jason, Aaron, and I are all doing somethingtomorrow and according to Jay, it’s my sole responsibility in life to find something to do. Like I would know!

Sweeeeet Phen’s show is on… The Lord is Good!