Well let’s see. What’d we

Well let’s see. What’d we end up doing? None of our original ideas stuck:

  • Go to Downtown Disney and chill out, maybe catch the virtual reality stuff goin on someplace down there.
  • Go to Tampa to the new Aquarium. (note: this failed for one reason. It closed at 5. We got there at 5:15)…

    So since we were in Tampa we decided to just look around. We hit two record shops randomly, you know the type. The kind that is owned by either some off beat music fanatic or a family that doesn’t speak english but sells no foreign records. They both have bars on the windows.
    Well after that, we hit the loving Wendy’s for a yum meal and then the guys said “hmm… let’s go to SPIRIT FM and surprise Olivia, the girl who’s always on around now.”
    So we did.
    And they got on the air. It was “Corny Joke Night” on this Ash Wednesday (I can’t believe I missed fat tuesday?!”) and they told some seriously corny ones. Aaron’s one was the very best. IT was longer, but definately a roller. We were there for about an hour and some time. They plugged their next show (March 9th! Arts on the Park in Lakeland) and Aaron did a hilarious acoustic rendition of “May I Have This Dance?” with his mini Casio keyboard that he had been toting around all day playing with the random beats on that thing. It was freakin hilarious. Beforehand he had followed a friend into the bank (when Jay needed cash) and just played that little thing all through her transaction. It was so funny how everyone stared at him and tried to not laugh. We couldn’t help ourselves.

    Well that was our night. A night on the radio. A night of music and some ok conversation. I had a good time. The Aquarium would’ve been nice though.