haha. i love doing this.

haha. i love doing this. you know when you’re an adopted friend into an entire family when you can go into your best friend’s house, chill with her little sisters and their friends, and never tell your best friend you’re there. that happened with laura tonight after i got off of work. i chilled with kristen and theresa until laura discovered me a half hour later. it was so funny you really had to be there…

and now i’m typing with no capitalization. i enjoy doing this when i’m lazy. maybe it’s just because i have a severe caffeine headache. see entry about lent below to understand why. i’m so sore. i’m so tired. i’m so in the middle of my damn cycle. that’s the reason i feel like i need a man right now. that’s the whole reason i got so emotional last night. i swear i’m a human being except during these times when my body just gets so uptight.

let me clue you in on something in case you didn’t understand (i do this often don’t i? i like to see intelligent human beings on this planet. maybe i should write a book… no maybe not). women at the center part of their cycles start to ovulate, right? right. of course right. this is the time when most animals get into a stage we like to call “heat”. this moodiness and desire for physical affection is a direct result of the human “heat” if you excuse the animalistic reference. we are mammals anyway.

so that’s my excuse, what’s yours?