I am putting it upon

I am putting it upon myself to write down 25 things I love. Don’t worry, Oprah made me do it. ha.

1. Laughing so hard I cry and my sides hurt.
2. Getting good feedback on what I’ve done.
3. Graphic design. Web design.
4. Singing and being free to think by myself in the car.
5. Serving people and knowing that I have made a difference to them.
6. Making people laugh.
7. Working behind the scenes on some project that people notice and love.
8. Making people feel welcome and loved and encouraged.
9. Good food. Really good food.
10. Medium thickness pens and mechanical pencils (especially the erasers).
11. Singing with a choir and knowing that the song is wonderful.
12. Praising God and hearing His voice. (this has to be #1 in my life)
13. Sunny days with a soft cool breeze that don’t require a coat.
14. Youth conferences and retreats.
15. Other people’s beds.
16. My freedom, my ability to do what I want.
17. Feeling good about my body and myself as a person.
18. Feeling so excited about something I could burst.
19. Cuddling and being physical with someone I care about.
20. Dancing crazy all by myself.
21. Telling people how much I love the Lord and what He means to all of us.
22. Concerts where I know the music and can dance around.
23. Spending great quality time with close friends.
24. Falling in love. I love to love. I love being loved.
25. Writing stories and prose to express myself.