life has me on a leash

Not much wakes me up more than a little breakfast and some Gospel Choir practice in the morning. Perhaps my body was jerked awake too fast because by the middle of “All Praise,” or whatever it’s really called, I had to sit and curl up from the dizzyness and stomach nasties. Ah well, such is yelling in tune at 7 AM.

We’re singing in chapel this morning and at the MLK service tonight. Did I hear the words “goodbye free time” on the radio just now? Maybe it’s only my imagination. Chapel.Lunch.Class.Class.Lab.Dinner.MLK.Homework.Bed. *yawn*

I wish I would stick to my guns when I say “I hate boys.” I mean really, how hard could it be? I know dozens of amazing men, but they’re all frustrating me at the moment. In the past month I’ve come to the wobbly conclusion that I’ll probably meet “the man for me” during some long term missions stunt in Africa or something. Ah well, I’m sure I’ll notice some fabulous specimen of manhood later today and ask God to forgive me for ever doubting the opposite sex. It’s bound to happen. I just can’t get away.


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