i’m LaQuisha and I’m 80

It’s amusing to picture children with today’s trendy names as Depends-wearing, Gold-Bond-Denture-sticking, senile 80-year-olds. Try and picture Mackenzie, Aidan, Raegan, Dakota, Jaden, and Brianna all playing checkers and “my grandkid once…” together during “awake time” at your local old folks home.
Creepy. They’ll have kids named Edith, Francis, and Ronald most likely.


5 thoughts on “i’m LaQuisha and I’m 80

  1. That is so true. I’m bestowing “ordinary” names upon my future kids. Names like George, Emily, Madeline, etc. And they’ll end up naming their kids after me, hehe. It’s a cycle that musn’t be broken =)

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