chills quills and jills

Hehe. I should stop making “it’s so freaking cold” posts. So to aid me in this endeavor, I have added my local weather to the sidebar there. Oh how tacky and cool. I like. But let me just point out how it’s FREAKING COLD up in here.

I’m going to be a hermit under blankets tonight. I heard we might make record lows.

In other news, I started writing another piece yesterday. A few of you heard about it. Two of you read some of it. It’s one of those pieces that needs a disclaimer. Yes, it’s creative nonfction. Heavy on the creative. No, I didn’t make the story up. Yes, I believe it’s true. Yes I take plenty of creative license when constructing the dialogue and action.
In the words of John Reuben:
“You all gotta be kiddin.
Some of y’all treat art like it was some sort of religion.
followin the rules, one, two and on through to the point you don’t create art, art created you.”
Uh, word, Reu.

I love writing. I love the process, the techniques. I love brainstorming, inventing characters, watching them react and interact with the story, the atmosphere, the other characters. I have so much growing to do. I need to develop habits, creative routines to stretch my pen-hungry fingers.

Hey Jill! Happy homesteading, m’love. You’re a big traveller on this mighty web. Change is good. And I’m sure the game was spectacular as usual. Nothing compares to the ruckus of a Hope/Calvin game! You do realize that when you’re a wee freshman at Calvin (assuming you get in *wink*)


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