em pee threes

i uploaded some really tight songs for you to sample. Let me explain them so you know why they are just SO cool and not just eh, kinda cool.

“Bread of Heaven” by Fred Hammond just happens to be my second favorite Gospel Choir song we sing. We’ve had it in our repertoire for some years now, but I never get sick of it. The long “Ohhh” is even more descriptive of the emotional power of this song than any words. I recommend you give it a listen and see if you can feel this song.

“Hosanna” is not the normal “Hosanna in the Highest” you, or your nearest Christian friend, might be used to. Kirk Franklin rocks the house down with this exciting song. It’s practically on repeat when I’m here at my computer and it is my favorite Gospel Choir song this year. God shows up in a mighty way when we sing this praise. It’s mad hype. Oh, and I sing alto, just in case you can pick out my part. heh.

“Cover Me” by Bebo Norman became my constant prayer from the very first time I heard it on the way to the Third Day/Michael W Smith concert last semester. I thank Chris for introducing me to this amazing, lovely song.

“Second Star to the Left, Go Until Dawn” is my favorite song by Copeland, my absolute favorite indie rock/emo/whatever band. These are my boys. I’ve known the lead singer since he was 15 and in a wee band called Unity9. Then he moved on with a pal into band called Ev*Angel. I was the webmaster for their site while it was up. Now he and my buddy James are in Copeland and you should buy their record. Period.

Save them to your computer :o)


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  1. the kirk franklin song is actually the first song that comes on my computer FULL BLAST for one of my alarms. it keeps me rockin’ outta bed. well… sometimes. :-P (other times i just rock out while laying down.. and then after the song, fall asleep again. i need to work on that. *grin*)

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