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So I don’t have to confront any human being face to face (I’m an avoider, you see), I’m going to put a short list of unattractive traits right here for all to see. Convenient, don’t you think?

1. Pride. I have it too, don’t worry, but folks who think that bragging about themselves or their accomplishments every time we talk will make us better friends… it doesn’t. Perhaps it’s envy on my part, but mostly it’s that I consider humbleness much more attractive.
2. Self-promotion. Gotta say to all you online friends of mine with sites, this is one of my pet peeves concerning you. I love to go check out new designs and new sites, but I don’t appreciate those of you who only talk to me or leave me a message when you have a new site layout (and you just happen to mention it while talking to me). I’m not dense. If you want to advertise go here. I put a warning on my site about advertising in my guestbook and I stick to it. thanksomuch.
3. This might not belong on this list, but I am quite curious as to why I am suddenly the most popular destination for guy/girl advice. I don’t mind this really, because i love my friends and want to see them blissfully happy… but it does get frustrating because I am very single. I hope you all can realize what gushing about some girl or guy can do to a very single young woman. Just be aware, thank you. (This doubles as a disclaimer)
4. Whining. This is one of my worst traits, so I’m also trying to ask others to hold off doing it (or else I just join right in). If life is really that bad, I can give you a hug. I can pray with you. I can hook you up with someone who gives much better advice, even. But when I or anyone else whines and complains and keeps a negative attitude about things that could either be changed or ignored, it drags others’ moods down like an anchor to the sea floor. I suppose you could call this entire post complaining, but I like to call it Reader Education.
5. Small talk. OK fine, so everyone does this and I’m one of the worst. Yes, I realize this. But still… try to give the friendship some depth. Just try. You might be surprised what will happen when you show depth and care and thoughtfulness. Gee that sounds harsh. Well, this applies to me too.

See? no big deal. Enjoy your day :o)


6 thoughts on “reader education

  1. isn’t this whole entry you doing a #4?

    i’m guilty of 1, and 5. (i’d probably be guilty of 2 if i ever redesigned…)

    i’m not really mad at myself for it either…

    #1 speaking, I don’t do it EVERY time, but I have been lately. I figured I’d try and make an effort in keeping you up-to-date as a friend would probably want to be kept up to date.

    #5 speaking, I’m very busy. I’m sure you are too… so with conflicting schedules and such there isn’t exactly room for a “real” conversation to take place, but we still feel like there should be an effort made… such an effort is small talk. The more we do this the worse it gets simply because with my schedule at least there’s a lot of stuff going on that you simply wouldn’t relate to without me giving 300 pages of background.

    have a great one :)

  2. I have some of the same pet peeves. It’s nice to see someone else write out the frustrations we see at times on our websites. Hey, hang in there and keep up the great insights. We don’t know each other, but your site is on my blogroll.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. And to extend my response to you now, Andy (I just don’t feel like calling you bofe is enough), you and I have perhaps struggled with having time to talk about things at length, yes. Both of us have harrowing schedules. I’m not blaming you for that. I hope you see it :) And this post wasn’t directed to any one person either. Thank you, my day has been very good :)

    James, yes I saw you in my referrals! Hello there. Get in touch with me anytime. I’d be interested in finding out more about you. *reading your journal*

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