100 things you may not know

1. I used to be anti-100-thing-about-me-lists because I considered them empty content to put on your website. But now that I’m making it a journal entry, I think I’m justified. No, I can’t explain that to you.

2. Once I got a pink tutu from my Grandma for Christmas. I decided I wanted to be a ballerina. Then a few things happened. The tutu was more abrasive than brillo and I discovered how self-conscious I was. I think I’d actually be a dancer if I hadn’t been so self-conscious.

3. I went to one gymnastics lesson. I made one mistake and cried my eyes out, begging my mom to not make me go back ever again.

4. During breaks from school I can read one novel a day (average of 250-300 pages).

5. I’ve had two real boyfriends but have kissed 5 guys. One of the leftover 3 I was actually dating at the time. I don’t regret 3 out of the 5. There was going to be a 6th, but he and I were too shy to kiss. Aww.

6. Sometimes I remember things and I can’t tell if they were dreams or reality. I’ll have to ask someone who knows me really well if it was real or not.

7. I’m scared about ever having children, but I know I want at least one someday, somehow.

8. My sister taught me how to spell my middle name, Maureen.

9. I’m allergic to cats, dust mites, and mold. Big time. One big whiff and I’m a sneeze machine. This is why I dread going home.

10. I had my tonsils out May 2001 and I spent two weeks recovering. It was Hell. Worst pain of my life. Most sick I’ve ever been. I don’t miss my tonsils at ALL.

11. I hate the word “panties.” UNDERWEAR, people. Underwear. Grannie’s cotton drawers aren’t called panties, ok? Don’t try and make it sound so sexy.

12. I tell people outside of Michigan that I’m from the Detroit area. I only use my city’s name in-state or when I’m talking to people who know about the University of Michigan pretty well.

13. I use my right hand as Michigan’s map. “I live here

14. I hate Euchre. I will never learn Euchre. This may require me to move down south or at least out of Euchre territory. I’m surrounded by Euchre Cult members. I swear they even have a gang sign. Euchre is like marijuana. You think it’s not addictive, but it ends up affecting your judgment and starts ruling your entire life. It makes you dumb. Bad Euchre, bad.

15. I used to get sick once ever month or two. This was in middle and high school. Sometimes I think it was half mental because I hated school. Now I only get sick very rarely.

16. I got a cordless keyboard and mouse so I could sit on my bed and type at the same time.

17. I like men’s shirt sleeved white undershirts. I used to wear them all the time under other shirts when long sleeved button downs were cool…. “Grunge” or whatever.

18. If I ever own a dog, I think I want a Welsh Corgi. I’ve wanted one since I saw the Animal Planet feature them in a half hour spotlight on the breed.

19. I want to work in tv, but I hate it. I watch it but know I shouldn’t.

20. I’ve never been in a Planet Hollywood.

21. I looooove dance parties. The kind where there are no boys. No holes barred. Good music. No boys.

22. And yes, I do like boys. Oh, but you should definitely know this about me. Thus, it doesn’t belong on the list.

23. If I could collect one thing, it’d be journals.

24. I’m the type of person who will put a song on repeat for days but resents it when others do the same thing.

25. I’ve probably lost more pictures than I’ve developed.

26. I’ve never, ever filled up a journal. This is something I must do before I die.

27. I don’t like coffee or tea. Well, the hot kinds. I don’t like anything coffee flavoured.

28. I own a saxophone (that I don’t play), a bass guitar named Edwin, and I just bought an acoustic guitar.

29. I am a car freak…in girl terms. This means I love the way they look. I don’t care what’s under the hood.

30. I grew up on records and tapes. I want to own a record and tape player when I’m old no matter what is normally used.

31. I was Juliet in Romeo and Juliet in 6th grade only because my name is Julia.

32. My least favorite movie has got to be 2001 Space Odyssey (which I can’t spell and neither can Word. obviously Word hates the movie too. ha.). Die monolith of death, die.

33. I’ve locked my keys in my car over 5 times. Three of those numerous times my car has been running. Once I didn’t notice until 6 hours later.

34. I think The Giver should be required college reading.

35. I have a playful obsession with pee. I honestly think it’s hilarious. One of my favorite phrases is “pee and be free, my friend.” Tracy had me quoted at least 12 times saying something about peeing on her website. No, I’m really not that sick.

36. I always think everyone else’s writing is better than my own. I get shocked when people say they enjoy how I write. I hope I never get used to it.

37. When I’m sitting at my computer I always have to be tapping the mouse. I’ll put it in a blank spot and tap-tap-tap. Same with the remote. I’ll watch a movie and repeatedly press play because my hands always need something to do.

38. My voice changes every time I seriously lose it, get larengitis(sp), or strep throat. My range has changed dramatically since high school. Instead of just alto, I can now sing (when warmed up and healthy) most soprano parts as well. Rad.

39. I may be the only person alive who has seriously botched Easy Mac more than once.

40. I avoided seeing Braveheart for 5 years because everyone said it was gory and they all loved it. Now I watch it all the time and it’s one of my favorite movies. I hope I never let this happen to me concerning #14.

41. I had tubes put in my ears twice. One fell out in my hand at my family’s old cottage and I wondered what a piece of plastic was doing inside my ear.

42. I’ve been caught speeding once. And that’s only because I was enjoying the view outside my windows, not the view of my speedometer.

43. One of my nicknames is anti-manylinks. Because I am anti….many links. Dur.

44. I still own Popples, Pound Puppies, Care Bears, Barbies, and Beanie Babies. I guess I’m a pack-rat.

45. I’ve only bought one Beanie Baby and it’s from the Grand Caymen Hard Rock Cafe. Itr was cheap. All my others have been gifts because, of course, I was anti-beanies for some time.

46. I get along smashingly with moms. I can just hang out with my friends’ moms and have the time of my life.

47. I’m allergic to my own eye proteins. That’s why I wear glasses now instead of contacts.

48. My favorite guy names are all Biblical and 90% are Old Testament names.

49. When I get married I am thinking about making my maiden name a second middle name. I love it too much to let it go. And I will never hyphenate. That can get scary. My best example of scary hyphens is that I had a friend in highschol named Morgan Feigle-Stickles. Uhm, no.

50. I’m a member of the Black Student Union at Hope College (but I’m a bad member… like I never go to meetings.)

51. I’ve never been to the naked mile or the hash bash that both take place in my hometown.

52. I won’t eat Krispy Kreme donuts because I got sick off of one once.

53. I’ve cheated on tests before. But I haven’t in two years. And I plan never to ever again.

54. I’ve watched professional wrestling and I actually enjoyed it. But that was only once. And I was definitely in love with the guy who made me watch it… (I know, excuses, excuses)

55. When I was a freshman in high school I wore wide legged jeans, a chain wallet, and not a lick of makeup. I tried to be skapunk. “Tried” being the keyword.

56. I never wore makeup until junior year when I worked at Sears and got made over once in a while by a friend who worked in cosmetics.

57. I don’t want just any engagement ring. I’d like a platinum or white gold band with gemstones and either no diamond or a very, very small diamond used as an accent. I hate the diamond cartel.

58. I took a sewing class in 6th grade and the only parts I really enjoyed was picking out my fabric and smelling freshly baking bread every day when I came in the door.

59. I hated being sung to as a wee one. Instead I loved nursery rhymes and stories. I suppose I was destined to write, eh?

60. My favorite fabric blend has lycra or spandex in it. I love stretchy clothing.

61. I can’t stand the feeling of faux fur. It grosses me out.

62. I always think blondes are hot, but I always end up falling for brunettes.

63. Black is my “signature color” and it used to be orange. This demonstrates my switch from hyperchild to solumnyoungwoman.

64. Sometimes my -ng suffixes get lost and I can’t say them clearly. This has only happened since I got my tonsils out.

65. I think my best feature is my big smile (when I give it out).

66. I think my worst feature is my whole body. But I also think I have the personality to make up for it.

67. I cried when I watched the Sesame Street movie “Follow That Bird.” I never watched it again. Ah, and that was the moment I found out that television doesn’t wait for you when you leave the house and that’s why we have VCRs.

68. I hate “Gone With the Wind” because I think Scarlet was a brat.

69. I’ve TP’d someone’s dormroom, forked someone’s yard, and shaving creamed someone’s car.

70. Don’t ask me to edit your writing unless you want red pen all over it. I’m called “a nazi.”

71. I’ve shared gum with people before.

72. If I wasn’t Christian I’d be a New Age fanatic.

73. I think colored Christmas lights are ugly and tacky.

74. I want to make up my own “denomination” that prays the rosary and honors the saints but still uses “the priesthood of all believers” as its core.

75. I want to get drunk only once. And I want to know I’m getting drunk. I want to have fun while doing it. And then I want to get sober very quickly.

76. When there’s a blanket (crochet) with holes in it, I have to stick my fingers in the holes. I can’t help it. It’s impossible.

77. I’ve hated someone before, but it never lasts too long.

78. I like to go into elevators and not turn around to face the door. Instead, I like to face a wall. People look at me weird.

79. I want to design my own shoes and clothes. I have big feet and I am sick of most of the clothing sold these days. Bring me Goodwill!

80. If I get a tattoo, it will probably be on the top of my right foot.

81. I want to learn how to swordfight.

82. I can shoot a rifle. I also have my *gasp* white belt in karate. I kick your butt. ha.

83. I refused to do fundraisers in school. I never caved once. But yes, I did used to sell girl scout cookies. That doesn’t count. I bought cookies from myself.

84. I have 14 screen names.

85. My oldest online friendship is 6 years old. My friend’s name is Aaron.

86. My favorite Greek work is Aletheia “Truth.” If I get any word tattooed on my body, it might as well be Aletheia.

87. Red became my favorite color when I decided to paint my bedroom sexy cranberry.

88. On my sister’s 7th birthday I fell into the toilet butt-first. I was wearing a dress. I cried.

89. I want to live in a tree house like the Swiss Family Robinson.

90. The only album I’ve never gotten sick of (and have completely memorized) is DC Talk’s “Free At Last.”

91. If I could have one superpower, it would be to heal. My previous wish was to have the power to fly and high speeds, but I would give up a thousand trips to heal one seriously ill person.

92. I don’t eat ice cream or buttered popcorn or pineapples or twinkie-like treats.

93. If I had millions of dollars, I would buy a :30 spot on the Superbowl for my own commercial.

94. All my laughs sound different. And when I laugh, I start in one laugh and go to another.

95. I went on a severe country music kick when I was 13. All because the guy I liked loved country. But then again his dad was a port-a-potty salesman. Do you smell the correllation?

96. I co-own a hat with my friend John. The hat’s name is Arty.

97. I did Bible Quizzing for a year. If you ever don’t know the answer, guess “God.” Trust me.

98. I once stuck a sticker with a hallucinogen on my forehead at a FIF concert. Oops. The guy that took me (Josh, my swing dancing idol) tore it off my face and told me that it was drugged. Embarassment.

99. I accidentally went out on a date with a 27 year old. I was 17.

100. I’ve been proposed to twice. Once was a hypothetical situation, but it counts. The other was perfectly serious. One was from a 19 year old. One was from a 33 year old. One was when I was 19. One was when I was 17. You guess which was which.

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  1. That’s 100 more things I know about you =) I can definitely identify with #76. I can’t find another purpose for why there are holes in crocheted blankets! hehe.

  2. ah, this I know, Chrysti. But sadly, not for other college courses.

    Cruela: finally! someone who understands myfingers-in0the-crochet-blanket thingy.

    Abby: welcome welcome! Happy to see another Hope chick around these here parts.

    Jill: word, my Michigander sister, word.

  3. #85 would be a tough one because if you go way back in time there was once a guy named “Hoser” on a chat line. That was years ago :) and he is still around cause that would be me.

  4. Yeah It could be I have been gone along time but like a long lost friend I have come back :) Either I am one of your oldest online friends or one of the newest. You tell me

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