one julia, shaken not stirred

Great Gathering tonight.
Even so, My body feels like it’s falling from a ten story building. Instead of typing like I usually do, my hands are shaking and My head is spinning. I feel as if the earth just tiled fifteen degrees. My “kinda-sick”ness has just taken a violent shove into “terribly-sick”ness. The shaking is what worries me the most. I took my inhaler just now because I was having a very tiny asthma episode after literally fighting my way through the snow with hundreds of pounds of equipment bent on staying in place. Forget the fact that our work carts have wheels. Snow+wheels= no wheels. It’s just that simple. It was like pushing a brick wall a quarter of a mile. The shaking is starting to get to me now. As soon as I get done with this homework, I’m passing out in bed….
Great Gathering though…

3 thoughts on “one julia, shaken not stirred

  1. *hugs* As always Jules you know you know I’m rootin for ya. I’ll be prayin that you get better soon. But until you do, consider me your servant… ok so maybe “servant” isn’t the right word for it… but you know what I mean.

  2. i love the snow and wheels equation…

    ahhh the joy of northern state mathematics…

    *hugz* want me to get you something? o wait… it’ll be at least 5 hours… *shrugs*

    get better soon ‘j-sharp the nerd extraordinaire’! :-D

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