sunshine and satisfaction

Well, no matter how rough life gets, there are the most amazing pools of smooth water to swim through on the least likely of days. The sunshine is billiant today, lending itself to various shots of my lovely campus that is decked out in its usual white robe. Icicles drip and splash against window sills and depending on your mood, they could be a soothing chime or a bout of chinese torture.
All has gone well today. I woke up on time, awake and composed from my short sleep. I enjoyed my classes today, which wasn’t expected. My writing class critiqued my most recent piece for 45 minutes and gave me very helpful pointers on how to improve it in a future rewrite. I can’t wait to work on it again and mold it into a more clean and riveting piece. Not today though… my schedule is overflowing. And in my history class, I handed in a paper that is a short level above crap (this is good because it could have been awful since i started it at midnight last night) and I aced the daily quiz for which I did none of the readings. Mmmm. Satisfying bit of mercy there.
And about this enormous Planet Earth exam, our first, that I had to take a day early. It was over in 20 minutes and I can tell that I did well. Studying actually paid off.
Now what can I do to top this day? Can I be the sunshine? Can I construct more satisfaction just by sitting here and basking in my own productiveness? Well, no. But I need to go do laundry and go to two meetings and pack for my weekend and call the insurance company…


2 thoughts on “sunshine and satisfaction

  1. I’m glad you had a good day despite all that you had to do. I love those days! Oooh and speaking of icicles, there are the most amazing icicles hanging from a church on 32nd street. I thought of you and your camera when I saw them.

  2. i enjoyed reading the list about yourself Julia! :O) highly entertaining and worthwhile! :P congrats on the camera’s new arrival! have you been playing with it much? ;) studying/cramming always pays off..well sometimes.. lol.. :D the sun came out there?? poooey! lucky you! :) i better not try to take your sunshine away.. no pun intended..okay yes perhaps.. ;)


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