I am Chig

I didn’t expect to have so much fun with my ladies this weekend. My energy level topped out last night at Denny’s and we were absolutely unable to breathe we were laughing so hard. Minus some headaches, some cramped seating (which mostly just lead to more laughter and random quotes), and some exhaustion, Jamie, Helen, Tara, and I laughed more than we’ve ever laughed together before.

(time passes)
Just had some church tonight with Gospel Choir. Now I’ve got to do homework, but I’d rather just unpack, chill, talk with folks, and enjoy kicking my shoes off.

Anywho, I don’t remember any of my thought strings, so I’d better cut them short.


13 thoughts on “I am Chig

  1. jules, welcome back. i was quite baffled by the last haiku you had up. it didn’t even follow normal haiku structure; ‘on vacation’. sheesh. and, perhaps what with the shining after having some -church- you are falling into matthew 5:15-16?

  2. thanks Chrysti :) hope you had fun here in Dutchy Dutchy Land.

    Tara: Oops sorry, I’m abreast.

    Thanks Mattchew. You’re a sweetie.

    George: can’t help but let the light shine, babydoll ;o) yeah i thought i’d stray from the haiku-per-cam-for-the-last-year-straight thing. I missed it though. can’t keep it up for long.

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