bring on the fuzzies

Someone needs to invent a cap. A cap that fits over my mouth. And my ears. And my mind. All at once, mind you. Let me explain using Chris’ words in his profile:
Chris-3 Julia-3
Life Lesson #3: Long, two-hour conversations until 11:30 p.m. are good for friendships, but bad for the grade point.

But they’re also good for the game. see, our point scores fluxuate about once every week or so. He gets no love when he’s ahead, but I never hear the end of it when I am. yay for ties!

I love having conversations with people until I kick myself, really. I’m working my butt off on writing homework right now and then it’s straight to bed for me, young lady (who AM I lecturing?). The best conversations are ones that leave me with those warm fuzzies, not necessarily in my stomach where infatuation breeds (infatuation is a side effect of too many warm fuzzies. it eats them for lunch.). The good warm fuzzies go to my brain where I’ve been stimulated and intrigued and prodded and questioned. Those are the fuzzies that can blur my vision anytime.