flash snap

Just in case it wasn’t clear enough…we had too much fun this past weekend! Check out some snapshots:

(uhm, they’re kinda big. so i did the nice thing and linked to them) go see!! tell me what you think, etc.

helen reflects
yours truly giving “the look” on the train. rawr.
the walnut room at Marshall Fields from above and through a railing
cheesecake factory: all of us beaming after stuffing ourselves.
julia jamie and tara at the Crystal Ballroom on Navy Pier
Tara and her alarm clock, Deefer
tracy was a big nerd and came down to chill with us. :) I LOVE YOU GIRL.
tara hits on angular men

Woo! More to come once my picture gallery works at 100%


3 thoughts on “flash snap

  1. if only i had the 8 thousand words for those 8 pictures. i’m not sure which i liked more, the subject matter of the pictures or the artistic vantages of the photographers at the time…either way, good times. tara and the angular man by far the most comical of the lot; i laughed out loud…for real.

  2. haha! we were traversing the wet rainy streets of Chicago and her legs mysteriously got more wet than any of ours……..hmmmmmm….. :o)

    I’m so glad these could give you some laughs, Johnny :) we certainly had a few as well.

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