fight me

If the online crazes came down to one match between blogs and journals… which would win? Let’s see.

And It’s true, the pen is mightier than the sword!

And here’s the clincher:
If I were to fight your mom, I’d win by a long shot. Google said so.

So about my day… I’m going to be watching La Boheme in music class again. I really am enjoying this opera. I’d like to see it live sometime with supertitles (they’re not called subtitles at the opera, you see). Mom would be so proud. I’m too eager to pay attention to my classes. Today is the day we find out where Tara and I are living… Either in a certain cottage or in no cottage at all… and we find out when the mail comes at a whoping 3:30pm. I love campus mail, really I do. So paying attention to the lovely arias and the recititatie(sp) and then the lecture on metamorphic rocks won’t happen. I’ll be daydreaming about my room next year and perhaps a nice living room with a comfy couch and tons of throw pillows strewn about… When we find out the news, it’ll be posted in the “read the rest” section.

(update 7:30pm)
We have a cottage!!! It’s so cute and cozy. Tara got the letter at 6:45 and we (T, Nat, and I) went and took a look at our future house! It’s lovely and right by campus. It has white siding on the outside, a living room, a family room/dining room, a double and a single on the first floor and a double and a single on the second floor. It only has only one bathroom, but that’s the only fault of the entire place and we can schedule around it. Now we only need three more girls and we’ll be set!

Sometime soon I’ll explain our plans and goals for the cottage environment. We’re trying something a bit new and I hope it works out well. I’m so excited I screamed, you guys. This is amazing. We are superbly blessed.