with groans that cannot be expressed

I don’t think I can ever express this longing…desire… panting of breath. The pulsing that shakes the inside of my stomach and the hot burning rush I feel against my ribcage when your name is spoken. My desire for you is beyond my desire for my next heartbeat. You are within the tune in my head, your many facets of character harmonize with your melodic presence. I can only hear what I’ve been trained to understand. But if you let me, please allow more of your harp to pluck inside my ear, your flute to sing when i breathe out, and your drum to pound with my footsteps.
I long to drape my arms around your neck and feel my face dusted by your hair. I want to know if I can hold onto you forever, linking my hands with yours and swinging our feet together over the edge of some fathomless deep. I want to write your name upon my fingers so you can touch everything I do and move and heat everything I love. You would be under my head as I sleep, rubbing my tears away as I cried, holding someone’s hand, and pounding my heart as it breaks.
I need you.


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