for ever blessing

One of my favorite little quirks about our house is that right below the Study window is where vapor from the heater is released back into the wild, so to speak. So right outside my window is a landscape of browns and whites and grays filtered through a billowing growth of steam as if it were some complex theater production with dry ice flowing from the orchestra pit.

Since I’ve had “For Every Mountain” stuck in my head for two days straight, let me share them with you (well that sounds all…evil and mean doesn’t it?). And the lovely part about this site is that it just…plays the song for you! how sweet. Gospel Choir sang this last year. And certainly not as well :)

I’ll speak later on how the memorial service goes this morning. I’m about to go get together for breakfast with Jamie, Tara, Natalie, and Chris who is driving in from Hope.


2 thoughts on “for ever blessing

  1. ya, I hate it when I get a song stuck in my head, ’cause then I start to hate it, ‘specially if it’s a good song. and it’s funny because the son poparazzi has a part that goes “you got it stuck in my head” and it got stuck in my head and ya…it was weird. but funny.

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