singles awareness day

I hope it’s a happy February 14th for you all, under whatever name you might call it. Today promises to be a lazy one for me. I’m kind of…sick of being social. The TV is my favourite company at the moment. Thank God for meaningless shows like Murder She Wrote and the problem solving games I play to keep my brain from melting.

Remember being bored? Maybe some of you still get bored pretty often. I haven’t been bored since the summer. Honestly, there is always something to do, work to get done, an errand to run, people to talkwith, classes, work, etc… This feeling of boredom is completely unfamiliar.

I am all alone in the house for once. Perhaps I should blast some good music or find something to write about. Maybe I should stretch out this horrible knot below my shoulder blade by pretending I know yoga.
Or maybe I should get dressed, leave the house, and act like a girlygirl and spend a buck somewhere on nothing of importance.

(insert something worthy of typing here)


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