damn yankees

So it seems my sister had to have surgery today (!). She’s been suffering from an…abcess or something of that nature. It had been paining her for over a week and they were afraid it would infect her bloodstream or something. So as I type she is under the knife so to speak. Poor girl. She’ll be out of commission here at home for at least another week… Which means we need to get all of her schoolwork down here somehow.
This is just getting rediculous.

Beyond that I have been exhausting myself by doing nothing all day. The snow has shuffled down since morning and the clean coat of it covers everything I can see. Inside my head I wish for someone to make snow angels with me and fix hot cocoa out on the porch where it’s cozy and the fire’s always burning. I don’t suppose I’ve lost touch with my love for winter just yet. And spring break is coming so soon… back to Florida before I know it- where the air will smell like plush grass and the ocean water will lap up against my toes until I ache once again to move down south.

My home will always be in Michigan, but I ache to change- to move somewhere delightfully new. While biking down a path between a marsh and a man-made pond, Miriam and I gasped and awed at the amazing foliage we had never seen before. Have you ever truly realized how a different state could feel like a whole new planet? Palm trees, yes, we all know Florida has those… But there were ropes of green and thick, enormous leaves that looked like lilly pads. All kinds of new life was around me that I had never touched before. I’ve been to Florida quite a few times, but never have I noticed such a change.
I had a similar experience of encountering new beauty while I was in Georgia two and a half years ago. I’d never seen hills decorated with green like that before. And there was this…overgrowing plant of some sort that covered everything and wove it together into a strange fresh web.
And I won’t even mention Waffle House, sweet tea, Pepsi, or the ability to spend Canadian money.

I don’t know why this is all so curious to me. I fall so easily enchanted with so many things- people, technology, opportunities, creation… I wish there could be a job for someone like me so I could travel the world or even my country’s back yard and just see what there is to enjoy.

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  1. aww man. snow angels! i never had the chance to make snow angels with someone. actually.. i used to build a snow fort… but i had no one to build it or play in it with… so i just built a “snow shelter to take a nap in” …
    hmmm.. the joys of being an only child… heh

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