oh no.

The most frightening possible discovery I could have imagined just popped up in my consciousness. I might be allergic to milk.

You see, milk is my air. Milk is my liquid love. I could only have it and give up every other drink and I would be one giddy fish.

But I was lactose intollerant for a year. When I was about 10 I discovered that nothing sat right. My life as a milk addict could have been over. Instead, it took a break for a year. Perhaps ten years of milk had “done me in” and now that it’s been a decade later, my tummy might be done with it again. No! I need my milk! I need my white delight. *sigh*


2 thoughts on “oh no.

  1. interesting…

    so yea. i was in the grocery store and had the sudden craving for chocolate milk. i used to hate all types of milk.. maybe cuz my parents always made me drink the stuff.. *shrugs*

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