See Spot Rock

And rock he did!
Sanctus Real was a lot better than I thought they would be. Good show, chaps. I’ll need to get some of your tracks. John Reuben never lets me down for a fun time and tonight was no exception. Funny funny. The chant he made us do at the end of his set was “get off the stage! get off the stage!”
ha. Johnny Reu, I lurve you. Pillar was solid tight rock. I really got into it. And into it as in sweat and shouts. I have really never rocked to them before. A night full of new likes, it was. There were a ton of Pillarfans there tonight. Not too shocking, the crowd mostly being high schoolers. Relient K brought the biggest fanbase. So many screams from high pitched females. ha. They rock, and yes I do remember when people thoguht they were stupid. And yes I dug them then too. But hey, I was waiting for my high band, the Supertones! The Supertones are the kind of guys who are past their “ohhhh he’s so hot!” prime and are right in the middle of “never grow old. always rock hard. praisin’ God!” And praise him they did. That was the best part. I skanked and jammed without shame (sorry if I embarassed you Natalie ;op I don’t care) and plain rocked out. Now that was the set to wait for. Lots of the screaming Relient K freaks went outside to wait in line for autographs (including 4 out of the 5 of the people I came with. Thanks for sticking by for the best parts, Nat). I don’t understand the die-hard-fan persona. I’m a fan of folks, but am getting a whole new level of enjoyment out of Christian music and shows nowadays. Chalk it up to maturity (ha) or old tired bones (ha) or even changed priorities and tastes (ding ding ding!).

I Saw Spot. Spot Rocked!


4 thoughts on “See Spot Rock

  1. jules, i’ve found a deeper enjoyment of concerts i go to nowadays all thanks to an insight that i came to realize a few months and shows ago. that realization is: all the adoration of fans to the bands; i want that sort of adoration toward God. so, sometimes i’ll just stand back and watch all the fans reaching out to just get the concept of a touch at a star and pray that they can be the enbodyment of my desire to be with the Creator.
    other than that, it sounds like spot was very fun. yay spot, yay.

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