sky blue

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I know what makes the sky blue. Curious?

Enjoy the suspense while I replay my rad day. First of all, I was anxious as all get-out about both my classes today (music and geology) because of the two weeks I missed. And yes, because this is Julia’s life, I found out that both classes have enormous midterms on Monday. Purrrrfect. So I squirmed and groaned all through my first lecture, forgetting what sonata form is and if Mozart knew anything about it. I go up to my prof afterwards and re-introduce myself. My professor has enormous brown doe eyes. I envy his wife for that feature. His sympathy washed right over me and he crouched down from the stage and told me to not worry about the exam and to let him know when I’d feel comfortable taking it.
Phew! I swear my shoulders got three inches higher.
Then off into the bright warm sunshine to prance to my next class geology (dun dun DUN). He was even more understanding and gave me the entire test off. That’s right. No test for julia to worry about! I think my shoulders are above my head now. This is really going to help me feel better about getting back into school. I didn’t want to fall so far behind.

So you wanna know why the sky is blue?

Light, when it comes from the sun, has 4 options:
1. being absorbed by land or sea after getting through the atmosphere
2. be reflected unchanged back to space
3. scattered by particles in the air
4. absorbed by gases in the atmosphere.

As you may know, light does not move through objects or particles. Dur. And there are many particles in the air whether we like it or not. The smallest and most abundant particles are wee little gas molecules. And this causes scattering. Rayleigh Scattering is basically small particles scattering short wavelengths of light. The shorter the wavelength, the more they scatter. And blue light (think ROYGBIV) is the most abundant short wavelength that we can see with the human eye.
This means that blue is the most scattered light wave. This means (badabing) the sky is blue!

Yeah and I’m SO sure you needed to know that.

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