your daily minerals

There are ways to tell what kind of town you live in. Take, for example, roadside trunk businesses. In some cities, people sell stereo equipment, guns, drugs, or other paraphanalia. In Holland, Michigan they sell Krispy Kremes. That’s right, donuts out of the back of cars.

But other than that amusing scene this morning, I got to go exploring in a gypsum mine in Grand Rapids. How cool was that! No lights but our flashlights, millions of years of history, and tons of rough terrain. My kinda morning.
I didn’t think getting dirty and logging a stratigraphic column would be so much unadulterated fun. Don’t underestimate the fun of being underground, and feinitely don’t underestimate the worth of a good hard hat and flashlight. I banged my hat about 20 times this morning and My flashlight kept me from toppling over some rubble-strewn holes. Phew.