Red Cross deployment

After a few weeks of waiting, the Red Cross has called me and is sending me to work on hurricaine relief. Here’s the scoop as I know it (it could change soon and often):
I will be leaving Saturday afternoon of the 22nd on a flight to Washington DC, headed to my work site in Falls Church, Virginia. I will be working over the phones with victims of the hurricaines providing support, information, and assistance. I may be transferred to the coast somewhere as Wilma does her thing. Please pray for the safety of all those affected by these natural wonders. In their horror, they still give glory to the Creator who crafts them.

So anywho, I’ll be gone for at least 2 weeks. Just think of me as away and desperately desiring prayers to experience the wonder of service with a humble spirit.
Please pray that I will be just as filled with grace and love and hope working the phones as I would be face-to-face on the field. Please pray that the Heavenly Father’s amazing love is shown through me. I’m just happy to serve in any way possible.

I may post more information; but with the chance of getting transferred to a more difficult assignment where there may not be internet, electricity, or whatnot, I’m not sure about taking my laptop along.