spirit of tithing

My personal life:
I do not limit myself to 10% or calculate it exactly to be 10% either. It can help me to think of it as 10% of my income… but I have been blessed in other ways besides monitarily. I also want to bless others in ways that go beyond monatary funds.

I try to give somewhat regularly to my congregation since I believe in the ministry, the vision, and I trust that they handle the money in a G-dly fashion (honestly, openly, and always with the Kingdom and the Gospel in mind!).

My personal favourite way to give is to find an organization that also handles money in that Biblical fashion and give to them. I love love LOVE giving! Especially when I know exactly where my money is going. It’s like G-d uses my measly little gift as a cool glass of water to someone, somewhere.
There are some organizations to which I have been aching to give. and now that I am employed full-time and truly do have the money to give… my heart jumps for joy at the thought of where I should give next. I wish I had trusted G-d before this job to take care of me even when I didn’t have much of anything to give.

This desire only comes from the Holy Spirit! It is not of myself. G-d has been growing in me a passion to serve and to give to certain ministries and situations… I want so badly to feed that passion It is all G-d’s money anyway. It is nothing of my own merit or works.

As the saying goes, “You are blessed to be a blessing.” Well I am abundantly blessed! Aren’t you? I pray we can all use our treasures– whether emotional, spiritual, material, or financial– to bless those in need around us. Not because we think we have to… but because there is such an overflowing LOVE inside of us that has to GET OUT!
Givign is one special way of letting the Love out.

Shabbat Shalom!