i don’t have to chase anymore

The party and cookout yesterday was great. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt that comfortable around a large group of my peers– all strangers at that. I think it speaks to the confidence G-d has been giving me as I grow up and also grow more independent.

Part of it, though, also comes from the fact that I have a special man in my life with whom I do not feel self-conscious or embarrassed to simply be me. Sure I have my moments when something will touch a soft spot that’s still getting worked on… but I am simply thankful for the way G-d has used him to show me that I can be loved fully by a man without having to convince him, chase him, or worry that he doesn’t like me today like he did yesterday. No kidding, that’s how it’s been my whole life before this. Every guy. Go figure.

So thank you, G-d. And thank you, Law. I saw evidence of how I can be just fine just as I am. even surrounded by gorgeous people who I don’t know.

Score points for that!