Thursday Thirteen: episode 1

Thirteen Things that irk me

1. Accidentally throwing out a receipt and subsequently not being able to return an item to the store.

2. How my new garbage bags smell like old trash that’s been sitting around too long.

3. Parents who don’t make their children buckle up in the car.

4. Someone telling me what I believe even after I’ve repeatedly told them I don’t believe what they insist I do.

5. The man across the street who insists on screaming and whistling down the street to his wife and kid in the park.

6. Someone telling me how to do something I obviously know how to do.

7. Our President.

8. How after owning a number of shirts for well over 6 months each, they all of a sudden have the guts to come out of the dryer three inches shorter.

9. CCM music.

10. My electric toothbrush not shutting off when I press the power button and it causing water and toothpaste suds to spray onto my face in the sink.

11. The sound made by styrofoam rubbing together *shudder, eye twitch*

12. Bill Murray

13. Having fingers the size of flotation devices.

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13 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen: episode 1

  1. Hey, great list, I am personally with on numbers 1-13, so, uh, that would be all of them, with special consideration to our president and the strofoam thing because those irratate me to no end!

  2. Having fingers the size of flotation devices is bad? But then you won’t have to worry about using the seat cushion on the plane when it lands in the ocean. I veiw that as a bonus as I’ve always questioned the true floating potential of a seat cushion.

  3. Beth & Becky: you know, I really should buy new bags. Maybe I’ll get those stretchy Glad brand ones. I wonder if anyone’s used them before??

    InterstellarLass: Oh I have major beef with Bill. Go figure. I’m learning to not HATE him, but dislike is certainly still present!

    Red Queen: ack! smoking parents get to me too! I can imagine the poor kids’ lungs turning to coal as the parents puff and spew away. ugh!

    STYROFOAM IS EEEEEVIL! ust had to shout that again.

    angelsarentfree: your comment made me laugh! I think my body is cushy enough to bear the crash (I bounce) and yes, then my fingers will come it quite handy as well. good thought ;)

  4. Yep, those irk me too. Esp our government.

    So sorry you lost your previous blog. ANd, yep the bloggin world can be middle schoolish….I try to stay out of the drama!

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