Free offer!

During my blog surfing adventures today, I stumbled upon this funny blog. In the entry, she says:

“I bought this stuff by Kaboom you dump it in the toilet, and it foams up to the top of the rim, and cleans the toilet for you. NOW THAT’S TECHNOLOGY PEOPLE!”

Well I bought this same amazing product a few days ago. It claims to take 1 minute to install. Well there I stood, staring at the tank of my toilet (which, by the way, scares me. Not sure why I’m frightened of it, but it makes my skin want crawl off my bones) for a whole five minutes… switching my gaze from the all-too-clear directions to my scared-to-be-without-gloves-right-now tank. Directions. Tank. Directions. Tank. What’s going on? Why can’t I figure this freakin thing out? I shuddered down to my toes as I straddled the toilet, leaning down and grabbing at the black refill tube. Don’t throw up in the tank. Don’t throw up in the tank. My poor stomach decided to run around in circles. I’m tugging, ripping at this darn black tube and it won’t budge! How am I supposed to remove it and replace it with the Kaboom tube if it’s permanently attached?

That was problem 1. Problem two was that my refill pipe has some sort of cap on it. The Kaboom tubing doesn’t even fit into the hole where the normal black tube already goes. At this point, I’m growling underneath my breath and nearly falling face first into a tank of water that looks like the home for the creature from the black lagoon.

Problem 3 was much more obvious. My toilet seems to have been built into the wall. Some schmuck, while working in my bathroom, decided to put caulk or some other thick, cement-like substance between the wall and my tank. The chach. There’s no way I can hook this stupid Kaboom fizzy thingamajigger up now. My toilet is obviously not made like the ones in the diagrams and some idiot in this world like permanently affixed toilets. What am I in, the 12th dimension? Was my toilet made in Djibouti?

So on the topic of Kaboom NeverScrub… may I just say that if your toilet is normal, and if you dont’ have a schmuck working on your bathroom fixtures, you may enjoy this fantastic product. Shoot, if you want, I’ll give it to you for free. I live in the Chicagoland area and you can come pick it up. I think I still have all the parts and I’d be happy to make your life easier. We can watch your toilet foam up together, clinking plastic wine glasses together and toasting your toilet to good health and many clean flushes.

6 thoughts on “Free offer!

  1. It sounds like you’ve grown along with your blog a lot over the past few years. Don’t miss it too much, the most important part you’ve gained can’t be deleted from any database. :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by.
    Wow, this is fancy schmancy. I didn’t know such a thing exists. I bought the kind you dump right in the bowl, like laundry detergent…no attaching, no thinking. Plop. foam. Smile. Flush. I can see why you were frustrated with your Kaboom experience!

  3. I used 2000 Flushes but it left a blue gooey mold-looking substance on the gottom of my toilet tank (which I can’t stand, if you caught that hint from my post). I was looking forward to a less messy option…hmmm

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