no this is not a survey

But it’s close. Forgive me, I’m in the mood for random questions.


1. How often do you usually get sick each year?

In high school I got sick about once a month. In college this stretched outt o once every two or three months. Now, I’ve been blessed with mostly good health for about 6 months.

2. Which is worse to catch: a cold or the flu?

The flu! Any kind of it.

3. Do you plan to get a flu shot? Why or why not?

I’m getting the flu shot hopefully next month for free from work. I love my job; have I mentioned that?

4. What are your favorite home remedies for cold and flu symptoms?

My family will prach zinc until we die, but I actually don’t have any. I mostly get sleep, drink juices and try to stay hydrated, and use Vicks vapo rub for that almost-unglogged nose bliss.

5. When you’re sick do you take “sick days” or do you force yourself to continue working?

I’m a wimp. I’d take a sick day if it was bad. Depends on how many sick days I can take!

From Four for Friday

1. Sleep: When was the last time you pulled an all-nighter, and why? If you can’t recall, then where’s the most embarrassing place you’ve ever fallen asleep?

I truly hate falling asleep where there is any chance of someone watching or hearing me. I’m kind of paranoid about it. This may end up causing problems in a marriage, but let’s hope it doesn’t! The last time I pulled an all-nighter was back in Michigan in the past year or so. I was on such a backwards schedule that I had to stay up all night to make it right again. didn’t last long.

2. Trust: Who do trust the most, or in what order would you rank your level of trust for each of the following: Clergy, Teachers, Police, Doctors, Print Journalists, Bankers, TV Newscasters, Scientists, Lawyers, Members of Congress, and Stockbrokers?

Lame answer: I trust God most. Less lame answer: I trust my family the most. To the point where if they lie to me I would be so shocked, but I would be able to forgive faster for them than anyone else. My order of trust goes like this: Clergy, Doctors, Scientists, Teachers, Stockbrokers, Print Journalists, Lawyers, Members of Congress, TV Newscasters. That’s not set in stone because it’s very situational.

3. Sick: When you’re sick, do you prefer to be left alone or do you like to have someone attending to your every whim and desire?

I like being cared for if it’s terrible to do it myself. when I had my tonsils removed my recovery was so hard that I had to have someone watching out for me at all times. My family was so helpful; I truly appreciate every moment they spent with me. But normally if I’m disgusting, I like to be alone. For example… I won’t want anyone in the bathroom if I’m nauseous or watching me be sick.

4. Sidekick: If you could pick any cartoon character to be your very own personal assistant, who would you pick and why?

Superman. He would be my chauffeur so I could fly for free.

From Friday Fun

1. What is your absolute favorite piece of furniture you have and why?

That would be my coffee table. It’s the perfect size, not too heavy, and doesn’t visually take up too much space because it’s veryclean and “empty”. And it was not expensive!

2. What would be your design style? Asian, Americana, country, contemporary, etc.? 

I definitely mix styles. I love Asian, Swedish, retro, Indian, eclectic, traditional… basically, it’s on a piece-by-piece basis.

3. Are you of the spartan furnishing philosophy, or the more the better?

Fairly spartan, but I like to add little touches that make it personal . Sadly, I’m a bit of a clutter bug.

4. My two favorite rooms are the living room and the bedroom in any house. What are your two favorite rooms? 

I don’t have too many rooms in my apartment, so I’d say my bedroom and the livingroom.

5. If money were no object and you were to redecorate, pick one room in your house and describe its decor.  

My kitchen would need to be redone. I’d like to use bright green walls and white “country” style cabinetry that looks aged, wood slats, all of that.  I would to add a pull-out pantry, spin-out shelves for the corner cabinets, and use dark hardwood on the floor. The backsplash would be completely eclectic… maybe glass tiles or something happy and colorful like that. Not sure about the countertops. Maybe concrete. Lighting… I’d want the cabinets to have under-lighting and recessed lighting in the ceiling. I’d do hanging lighting, but I’m not sure what.