hot flashes of ugly grrrrrr

It may be a virtue, and we may all need it, but right now I don’t have any patience. At all. Grrrrr and stuff.

I’m a kind of a control freak. I’d rather do the job myself than try to explain it to someone else. I’d rather not be involved at all instead of hanging around waiting to be utilized. This caused some difficulty in school because I’d either be the leader (since no one else would be) or I’d be ignored (if there were stronger personalities besides my own in the group). Why is my personality to ugly today? Another Grrrrr.

I haven’t stopped sneezing since 9am, folks. My nose might fall off my face at any second. Has anyone gotten a fever from allergies? I doubt it, since I don’t have an infection. But I feel like my face is on fire and my body is melting into tiny puddles around my chair. Sweaty Grrrrr! I guess sneezing makes for good exercise! Who knew?

On the brighter, less ugly side of myself, there’s yet another thunderstorm clambering for my attention outside. Delightful! It’s taking the barely-turned leaves–half green, half fire– and snatching them from the tree boughs, sweeping them across the streets. The wind wants to take them up, but the rain’s heavy hand presses them down once again. This soupy mix causes the most breathtaking swirls of color in the dark.